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Welcome! I believe you are not here by coincidence, but by the leading of the Holy Spirit who guides the steps of the righteous.

Who are the righteous ones? They are in right standing with God. If you do not know whether you are righteous, then righteousness does not stand in your right deeds or goodwilling disposition. It is valuable, but unable to make you right before God. 

God reached down in Jesus to lift the mankind up to Himself. Everyone who calls on the Name of Jesus, believing that God has raised Him from the dead, shall be saved and made unto the righteousness of God in Christ who made peace with God and paid, giving His sinless life as a ransom for every sin of mankind, past, present and future. 

* * *

If you do not know whether you are in right standing with God, may I ask you to pray this prayer to make it sure. 

Dear God, 

I do not know You, but I believe you are somewhere out there. 

I want to know You as You are. 

You told in your Word, in Romans 10:13 that everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord, will be saved. 

I want to be saved. And I understand that I cannot save myself. I cannot make myself righteous by myself. 

But I thank you that You never meant me to save myself on my own, with my own efforts. I thank You that You reached out and came down to me, to save me and make me righteous and give me peace with God. 

Jesus, You came down and became the Saviour of the world. You left all your Godly glory and attributes behind and were born into a human body - out of a holy, spiritual seed of God, by the power of the Holy Spirit. You lived a sinless life, and then gave it for us, for our redemption and justification. You let Yourself be nailed on the Cross, where God took all the sin of the world and nailed it with You, thus judging the judgement over sin in flesh. 

You redeemed us, humans, then and there, and saved us from the consequences of sin. 

You spilled your blood for our salvation. 

I call today on Your Name, Jesus. I confess You are my Lord. And I receive the salvation You bought me for the price of Your sinless life and shed blood. And I accept this salvation today, knowing that based upon Your Word in Romans 10:13 I am saved. For I have accepted You as my Saviour and my Lord. And I have peace with God. And I have the righteousness of God. And I have entered into the Kingdom of God via the Way You made for me through Your flesh which You gave for me, for the price of redemption for my sin. And I know today according to Your Word in 2 Corinthians 5:21 that I have been made today into the righteousness of God. I have restarted my life. The old is past. The new has come. I am free. I am delivered from under the curse of the law, and from the power of the devil. I reign and rule in this life with Jesus. And I ask You, Jesus, to come and give me Your Spirit to dwell inside me, and make me Your holy habitation, Your Temple of God. I ask it in the Name of Jesus. Amen. 

It is in my heart to see your passion raised to the level where you are white hot to God and burning with a desire to see the people saved, healed and delivered. You are destined to do the works of Jesus. The Great Commission is for ALL believers. All of us are called to go into ALL the world, to preach the Good News. ALL of us can lay our hands on the sick and see them recover, and be delivered from besetting habits and problems with the spiritual root. ALL of us are called to go to the ones who receive Jesus, to baptise them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, teaching, preaching and making the disciples unto Christ. It is not for the selected elite, but for ALL - YOU included!

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